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From The Founder

Hello, and welcome!​

I'm Lauren. A life-long arts advocate, travel enthusiast, and lover of numbers and systems. ​​I started my career in Art Management in 2012 and since then I've had the great opportunity of working with musicians, writers, visual artists, designers, choreographers, craftsmen, and producers — incredibly talented people from every corner of the creative industry. Those experiences helped shape my accounting and money management expertise for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.


​​I earned my Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor certification and founded PUSH because I recognized a disconnect in the creative space.  Individuals who have the passion and the talent to see their ideas come to life would often struggle from a lack of proper record keeping and financial clarity. PUSH bookkeeping exists to bridge that gap and support today's generation of creatives in their endeavors to shape the culture of tomorrow.​


I want to see you push the boundaries. I want you to hone your craft and turn your vision into a reality. Most importantly, I want you to succeed. By handling your day-to-day financial tasks and providing helpful insight into your business performance, you will not only learn how to work more efficiently (meaning smarter, not harder) but you’ll also gain the freedom to imagine, explore, experiment, and fuel your creative habit. ​


Let’s go.

Lauren Meshako

PUSH Founder

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